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There are many ways that you can modify clip art images. If you cannot find the perfect image that you desire, you can flip, resize, rotate, distort, crop, colorize, convert, and combine multiple pieces of clip art into new pictures to use. First off, the most important thing to look for in a clip art image is the file format. Gifs are found on a lot of free image websites, and are best used for website publishing. For print publishing, look for .png or .jpg file formats, they have a higher resolution that would print a lot better.

Rotate the image

Nothing changes the look of an image in your layout by rotating it to your desired orientation. Photoshop's rotate feature allows you to rotate the image to a precise degree.
Resize It

Images rarely come in the size you are looking for, so you can easily resize the image to fit your needs. Some file formats resize better than others, best to search for .png or .jpg images.
Flip It

Flipping an image 180 degrees can radically change the look. Just make sure to watch out for any text or other small details that would look wrong if your image is flipped / mirrored.
Sketch, skew, distort

While resizing maintains the original dimensions of a piece of clip art, stretching and skewing changes its appearance in various directions. Create special effects with stretch, skew, distort, warp, or perspective tools.
Crop It

Not every single pixel of a clip art image has to be used, so cropping out the parts of the image that you don't want is an easy fix. Cropping also can help focus on a certain element or part of a clip art image, bringing it to the forefront.
Color It

This is what we do. Take a greyscale or outline clip art image and color it. You may be reminded of your childhood, filling in colors between the lines, it's just now you're using Photoshop or any other image editor, rather than crayons or markers.