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There are many different uses for the letters that we have in our Alphabets Section. Whether you are creating a logo, need letters for a website header, or are creating a document to print, our alphabets are easy to use. All the letters come in .PNG format, with a transparent background, and can be resized easily to fit your requirements. The following tutorial uses Photoshop, our image editor of choice, but you can use other editors like Illustrator, MS Paint, or even an online resource such as GIMP.

First off, create a new image file. Make sure the background is transparent, and the dimensions of the image will be large enough to fit across all the letters you will require. To make things easier, you can drag down a guide from the ruler bar to snap the letters to, making sure they will be level on the canvas.

Next, go download to your computer all the letters that you will need, and then open up the first letter in your image editor. At this point, you can resize the letter to your desired size, or you can leave it as is and resize your completed file later on. Go to Select and choose All. Then click Edit, Copy Merged. This will copy over all layers of the letter file. Then choose your blank image and paste the letter into the image. Select the Move Tool in order to move the letter to your desired location within the image.

Repeat the steps above until you have copied over all letters to your new image. Each time a letter is pasted into your new image, it will create it's own new layer. Once completed, you can now crop, resize, stretch, skew, or rotate your letters any way you wish. Add a background to the image to match your page, or keep it transparent so it can be displayed over anything. Make sure to save your image in a format that works best for your application. .JPG and .GIF are perfect for online uses for a website, where .PNG is better suited for printing. Here is our final result.